Fence Installation Training

Private Trainings on Location

Mr. Fence Academy Private Training on Location

Choose a training option between 2-5 days where the Mr. Fence Academy will come to you! Our team will build fence alongside your own team and on your jobsite, primarily with your equipment. We hold these trainings utilizing and demonstrating the Mr. Fence methods and processes using Mr. Fence tools, increasing efficiencies, and decreasing stress.

Open to the Public Trainings

Mr. Fence AcademyOpen to the Public Trainings

Would you rather come to us? These Mr. Fence Academy trainings are open events in specific locations, primarily building fences alongside the Mr. Fence team. Choose between Mr. Fence hosted trainings on Mr. Fence jobs with our tools and processes OR choose to host an open event at your location to gain the benefit of private training at a reduced cost.

Fence Association Trainings

Mr. Fence AcademyTrainings with Fence Associations

You'll also find the Mr. Fence Academy volunteering at trainings in conjunction with various fence industry associations, like the AFA, FWA and NFCA. This is one way we give back! If you attend one of these events, you will learn the same installation techniques, methods and processes of "the Mr. Fence way."

What is the Mr. Fence Academy Training?

Simply put, each one of the Mr. Fence Academy trainings are focused on the process of building fences through hands-on, on-site events. This is done by using unique tools that have been designed, developed, and tested to be the best in the industry! Our goal is to give you the training to be as productive, efficient, and safe as possible.


Our program changes the way you think about your business ... the way you run your business and the way you manage your life. Everyone who participates in the Mr. Fence Academy grows as a leader, as a business owner, and most importantly, as a person. You have to improve yourself before you can help others!

Steps for MEMBER Success

As a member of the Mr. Fence Academy, we have 3 important steps to follow that will help you reach your business goals and even change your life!



Make the full commitment to our process for success! Each part of the training uses specific, actionable steps and procedures that are built and proven to help you gain sustainable long-term growth. Trust the process and make the commitment for yourself and your company.



Your job as a member is to take in all the "golden nuggets" of information from the Mr. Fence Academy training and information we've built into our proven business systems. Doing the work of following our education with full participation is the only way to make it happen!



We will equip you with everything you need to succeed in business and with your team! Once you learn our methods and systems, you'll have the opportunity to implement it to lead your business and your life exactly where you want it to be and then reteach what you've learned as part of the process. Take the lead and succeed!

Heather King - coaching instructor

Heather King

VP of Training

For more information, or to get your questions answered about our Mr. Fence Academy trainings and events, please contact Heather King.